Superman has always been the benchmark definition of what the superhero genre is. The mystique of a being having super powered strength, speed and the ability to fly – with the self-imposed mandate to protect the well-being of everyday citizens – gripped my imagination as a child. Every other superhero seemed like a knockoff, inferior version of him. Of course, I came to appreciate the spectrum of heros and personalities – but, that nostalgic view remains. So of course I had to include him in my early practice sessions.

Coming up with an interesting background was part of the fun in this painting. I love ariel views, and the one time I went skydiving left an impression on how far away and vast the landscape could be. Capturing that misty, faded view of the earth below was my goal – and I enjoyed working towards that effect.

This painting wasn’t perfect – I see many areas to improve and work on. But it’s all growth and progress, and I’m sure I’ll do a few more of Superman over the next while.


  • Type: Digital Painting
  • Software: Adobe Photoshop
  • Tool: Huion Digital Tablet GT220-V2
  • Size: 16×24″ Full Resolution

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