I grew up loving comic book characters. I never collected comic books and I was only really acquainted with the flagship characters (Superman, Batman, Spiderman, etc) – it wasn’t until I was an adult watching the Marvel Studios films that my imagination grew into full appreciation. My favorite, hands-down, is Captain America. Perhaps because he represents the quality of character I have always admired. Not the bad-boy, not the renegade leader – but rather the old-fashioned, gentleman-quality, fight-for-what’s-right kinda man. I dig it. And, if it matters, I am a big fan of the actor, Chris Evans, and his portrayal of the character.

This was my first fan-art drawing I did – and it got me excited about drawing again. It was my first real foray into drawing using a digital tablet – and I learned a LOT while doing it.


  • Type:¬†Digital Painting
  • Software: Adobe Photoshop
  • Tool: Wacom Intuos 3
  • Size: 13.3″ x 10″ (300dpi) Full Resolution

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