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What is Edison James?

It's My Creative Playground.

This is my passion project. I love creating, painting, teaching and storytelling. Although I’ve been a career designer, this is my ideal future – where I get to build a world of creativity around this passion. 

It’s new. It’s something I am officially pouring an enormous amount of time into. A year from now, I hope it’s grown into something much more substantial.

Why Edison James?

Good Question.

You have no idea how long I’ve wavered back and forth on the concept of having a creative/pen name vs my real name. 

It’s hard to explain the inner dialogue – but it comes down to this; I just wanted to create a sort of personality brand with a clean slate.  I don’t consider it an alter-ego or a brand; just an extension of me. It’s a fresh beginning, a new thing, an identity represent my creative world. 

The name “Edison” is tied to my family – hence, the reason I chose it to build a persona around.