About James

Biography & Professional Career

I’ve had a strange life, in many respects. This website is somewhat reflective of that.

On one hand, I am just your everyday, hardworking professional designer and illustrator. I was drawing from the time I was a little boy, and all I’ve wanted to do with my life is to make a honest living off of my creativity. Though my earliest dreams were to become a Disney animator, I’m grateful to have made a career in design & marketing for the past 20+ years.

On the other hand, my mind is captivated by issues of humanity.  

In the course of my life, I’ve moved across the spectrum of social, political and spiritual perspectives. I was raised very conservatively with religious undertones. Through family influence and depression, I unknowingly joined a fundamentalist Christian church as a 21 year old and became a serving associate pastor shortly thereafter. At 35 years old, I had the shocking realization I was participating in a cult. Over the last several years, I’ve experienced the full-scale reframing of what it means to be human. Everything in my worldview is freshly changing.

In a world that is being fragmented by social issues and political strife – I feel I am in unique position.

In 2013, I walked out of hyper-religious fundamentalism with the awareness I had been “duped”, and had inadvertently surrendered my mind to tribal group-think. Today, all around us, we feel the relentless pressure to subscribe to a side in the mounting societal polarity. The advantage I feel I have is that – I’ve had a pretty intense experience with group-think. I’m not interested in false-narratives and social pressure.

So in the strangest of ways, this website is very much intended to be a display of me, being me. Creative and artistic. Yet awake and insightful. I hope I can share a few things I’m seeing and thinking – and if possible, share a little bit of positivity though it all.